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The sweetness of a beautiful smile

Painless non-invasive dental care, hygiene and bleaching in Geneva, Versoix, Lausanne, Zurich, Basel, Bern and Winterthur

Regular dental check-ups for a better life.

A revolutionary concept of personalized, non-invasive and painless dental medicine and hygiene in Switzerland. Our specialists are at the cutting edge of technology thanks to their scientific advisor, Professor Dr. Ivo Krejci, former director of the Department of Preventive Dental Medicine and Primary Dental Care at the University Clinic of Dental Medicine at the University of Geneva.

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cabinet dentaire lovelysmile genève

Basic services

Diagnosis of your dental condition
by dentist with seance of hygiene included

CHF 178.-

Diagnosis of the child's dental condition (<12 years old)
by dentist with hygiene session included

CHF 99.-

Teeth whitening EXTRA 
New safe professional whitening formula!

CHF 350.-

In-chair teeth whitening 
Your teeth whitening in 1 session with light activation

CHF 450.-

Teeth whitening at home
Your teeth whitening at home thanks to custom trays

CHF 550.-

Suite de traitement 
Suite de soins selon plan de traitement et devis établi par votre dentiste

We also offer exclusive, personalized and painless services

The expertise of our scientific advisor, Prof. Dr. Ivo Krejci, allows us to offer you exclusive personalized high-tech and painless services beyond our standard services mentioned above.

  • Do you accept all patients?
    Yes. At the LovelySmile Center for Non-invasive Dental Medicine and Personalized Dental Hygiene, we are happy to welcome all patients, with or without a treating dentist. LovelySmile is exclusively specialized in non-invasive dental care and personalized dental hygiene. LovelySmile is not a typical dental office and does not offer invasive dental treatments such as fillings, crowns, oral surgery or implants. This positioning allows you to be completely independent and to fully focus on the good health of your teeth. If you already have a treating dentist, we will be happy to offer you your non-invasive care and personalized dental hygiene at LovelySmile and, with your agreement, to send the information directly to your attending dentist. If you do not have a dentist and you need invasive dental care, LovelySmile collaborates with several local dental offices, bringing together all the specialists to management of all pathologies of the oral cavity.
  • Does a session at LovelySmile replace the dental check-up with my usual dentist?
    Depending on your wishes and your oral condition, you can choose a personalized dental hygiene session, monitoring of your oral condition using the latest technologies available from your LovelySmile experts or dental whitening. Our specialists are fully trained and required to inform you of each problem that requires the intervention of your dentist.
  • How often should you return to consult your dentist at LovelySmile?
    The frequency of appointments cannot be defined in general terms and depends in particular on: the quality of your dental hygiene at home, your susceptibility to caries or periodontal disease, your habits, the speed at which you reform tartar... Our unique concept of personalized dental hygiene allows us to offer you intervals adapted to your individual situation, to avoid too frequent visits which cost you dearly or too long intervals which can lead to a development unnoticed severe pathology.
  • What happens if your LovelySmile dentist detects a cavity or oral disease requiring invasive care?
    LovelySmile sends, with your consent, the information and documents necessary following your treatment with your attending dentist.
  • Is the training of LovelySmile specialists of high quality?
    LovelySmile develops all of its processes with Professor Ivo Krejci, Director of the Department of Preventive and Primary Care Dentistry at the University Clinic of Dentistry of the University of Geneva. Our specialists are therefore trained according to the concept of one of the best specialists in the world, with more than 350 scientific publications and almost 40 years of experience in the field of preventive, non-invasive and micro-invasive dentistry.
Centre dentaire lovelysmile

Personalized prevention, for more savings

Our personalized prevention and painless non-invasive treatments save you from traditional painful and expensive dental care such as crowns, bridges, implants or surgery and cost much less.

Practiced by highly qualified practitioners, we use the latest technology for early diagnosis to detect and stop cavities and loosening of teeth at a stage that does not require surgery and burs.

Focus on prevention

Co-founded by Prof. Ivo Krejci

Only qualified practitioners

Very advantageous prices

We speak FR, DE & EN


"I had my teeth whitened and I was seduced by the gentle approach and the idea of preventing long-term dental problems"

Sophia, 38

Seen in the media


Convinced patients


"I was delighted with the descaling that was done to me. Mrs. Krejci is very welcoming"

"A center that focuses on the quality of treatment with a vision ahead of the treatments of tomorrow"

"A non-invasive care and hygiene center you can trust!"

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