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Dental chech-up for
child (under 12)

Check-up of your dental status by a dentist with hygiene session included

CHF 99.-

Diagnostic dentaire enfant LovelySmile.jpg
Diagnostic dentaire enfant


Check-up of your child's dental status by a dentist, with the Diagnocam device. This new HD camera technology works with transillumination and avoids X-rays. Detection of cavities on natural teeth is thus much more sensitive and earlier 


This session also includes in-depth and personalized dental hygiene care for children. It is adapted to its needs by integrating the famous GBT (Guided Biofilm Therapy).


This package combines in a single appointment the traditional dental check-up with the dentist and the session with the dental hygienist (therefore CHF 99.- instead of CHF 350.- in several sessions)

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