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I grind my teeth. What to do?

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is a phenomenon consisting of shearing movements performed unconsciously during sleep.

The teeth, which clash and rub in a sustained and repeated way, wear and crack. Tooth sensitivities as well as unsightliness and fractures result over time. This teeth grinding is an involuntary behavior and it is not possible to control it. It is therefore important to protect your teeth from the unfortunate consequences of bruxism!

Do you grind your teeth and wear them out? Act before it's too late and consult a specialist.”

The realization of night guards allows the jaws to grind freely without damaging the teeth! Generally the patient wears a single splint, either in the upper arch or in the lower arch. Several types of guards exist and our employees at LovelySmile can advise you individually.

It is important to differentiate between uncontrollable teeth grinding performed during sleep and teeth grinding during the day. Indeed, many patients find themselves clenching their teeth during the day but, even if it is not a voluntary movement, patients can control it! Our specialists at LovelySmile can provide you with tips to stop grinding your teeth during the day.


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