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EXTRA teeth whitening

Scaling, activation of chairside whitening and follow-up at home with whitening strips

CHF 350.-

Blanchiment dentaire EXTRA LovelySmile.jpg
Blanchiment dentaire EXTRA LovelySmile.jpg


New safe professional whitening formula! 

It is scientifically proven that tooth whitening cannot be done on restored teeth or cavities and that it requires absolutely clean tooth surfaces to be effective.

Before whitening your teeth, it is therefore essential to check your teeth and professionally clean the surfaces of your teeth.

Our unique and winning formula is an initiation of the process by chairside, light-activated whitening, followed by whitening at home for 7 to 10 days with non-individualized trays.

Using our highest academic and clinical scientific expertise, we have developed a unique formula for the best in your teeth whitening: the combination of cleaning, chairside whitening and home whitening. All that in one session, requiring only one trip to the office.This saves you time and money, without any compromise on the whitening result.

Realization of dental whitening subject to all medical contraindications. 

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