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Chairside teeth whitening

Whitening in 1 session (scaling not included)

CHF 450.-

Blanciment dentaire au fauteuil LovelySmile.jpg
Blanciment dentaire au fauteuil LovelySmile.jpg


Chairside dental whitening in the chair is carried out in a single session at the office.

It is strongly recommended or even essential to carry out a complete diagnosis of your dental condition beforehand to ensure the absence of oral pathologies. Similarly, whitening will only be effective on clean teeth, without tartar and without discoloration. A descaling session is therefore also strongly recommended. Dental check-up and scaling are combined at LovelySmile in a single session: "Diagnosis of your dental condition". 

The chairside whitening session goes like this: 

  • quick check and polish 

  • application of the whitening product with activation by light (several applications during the session) 

Realization of dental whitening subject to all medical contraindications. 

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