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I have dental sensitivities. What can I do about it?

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Many people suffer from tooth sensitivity... The causes are numerous and vary in severity. It is important to evaluate the cause of these sensitivities in order to treat them effectively.

Tooth sensitivity is often related to generalized inflammation of the gums and poor brushing technique. In addition, eating too acidic a diet, regular vomiting and teeth grinding can also cause tooth sensitivity.

LovelySmile's experts are very attentive to dental sensitivities and will help you treat them and, above all, advise you on how to prevent their recurrence or appearance.

Deep scaling can be performed gently and painlessly using new technologies and products, thus reducing gum inflamation and avoiding pain during treatment.

"Are you suffering from dental sensitivities? Today we have effective treatments for dental sensitivities. LovelySmile can give you back the joy of living."

Our professionals will advise you on the best brushing technique for your individual needs and the least traumatic for your enamel and gums. Dietary advice and simple and effective tips and tricks such as not brushing your teeth immediately after drinking a soda (which ideally should not be drunk!) or the use of a glass or paper straw, are given to you in relation to your problem and your lifestyle.

When dental sensitivities are related to a significant wear of the enamel layer, night protection trays can be made, fluoridation trays are necessary in some cases and sometimes dentin protection with lacquers can be applied directly on the sensitive areas.

Our specialists at LovelySmile are here to help you with your dental sensitivity problems!


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