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Pain-free dental care at LovelySmile

Powered by the expertise of Professor Dr. Ivo Krejci (director of the Department of Preventive Dental Medicine and Primary Dental Care at the University Dental Clinic of the University of Geneva), the LovelySmile centers offer a unique and innovative concept of personalized dental hygiene and non-invasive dental care.

The heart of our concept is to treat your teeth painlessly by favoring gentle, regular check-ups and non-invasive care in order to avoid painful emergency interventions, often synonymous with high expenses and discomfort.



  • Painless and effective reduction of dental sensitivities

  • Latest generation digital intraoral cameras for radiation-free cavity screening

  • Latest generation air polishers with different powder particle sizes according to your individual oral situation

  • Latest generation ultrasonic devices with the thinnest tips to best adapt to your dental anatomy

  • Latest generation of antimicrobial and biostimulation therapy by LED light, avoiding laser radiation: LED technology represents an innovative treatment in the field of periodontal maintenance of patients with periodontal disease, and also in the presence of dental implants

  • In-office dental whitening activated by LED light, effective, without sensitivities and in safety

  • 3D scanners to monitor your teeth

  • Dental guard for the prevention of tooth wear

  • Aligners for teeth alignement 

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Professional dental advice

Our dental hygiene tips and tricks and our non-invasive dental care allow you to apply a simple but effective dental cleaning method at home, adapted to your needs, to maintain your natural healthy for life. This innovative concept will not only allow for prevention of cavities and gum problems such as periodontal disease, gingival recessions, etc., but it is also essential for the well-being of your entire body.

An individual approach

Our dental professionals are trained according to a revolutionary and unique concept of maintaining your oral health to regularly review your tooth brushing method and instruments with you, as well as to instruct you in the most effective interdental cleaning techniques by offering you the methods most suited to your individual situation.​​

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