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What is painless photoactivated disinfection against periimplantitis and periodontitis?

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Periodontitis is a very common disease in the population, due to the accumulation of bacteria in the supporting tissues of the tooth. It starts with gingivitis (= inflammation of the gums) and evolves into periodontitis creating a destruction of the supporting tissues of one or several teeth. The accumulation of dental plaque (= bacterial biofilm) and calculus represents a reservoir of bacteria allowing the evolution of the disease.

Periodontitis is the first cause of tooth loss in adults, surpassing even tooth decay!

Pain-free photoactivated disinfection is a recent technology that requires the use of a diode laser. Thanks to ultrafine conducting fibers, the laser radiation (which is not an X-ray!) is selectively brought into the dental pockets (= the space between the tooth and the gum, where plaque and dental calculus accumulate) and allows for disinfection of this pocket. The laser radiation is absorbed by the pigments of the bacteria which die by overheating.

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This treatment allows the reduction or even the stopping of the inflammatory destruction process of the supporting tissues of the teeth and sometimes even the recovery of a healthy periodontium.

LovelySmile has a great deal of expertise in this field thanks to the scientific knowledge of Professor Dr. Ivo Krejci, the leading authority on laser technology in Switzerland.


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