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How to benefit of non-invasive dental care without a dental bur, without anesthesia and without pain

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

By focusing on non-invasive dental care on a regular basis, you will greatly reduce the risk of more extensive and therefore more expensive treatments.

In the case of a classic dental filling, it is unavoidable to drill the tooth. Because human teeth do not regenerate, such drilling leads to an irreversible loss of tooth substance. As fillings have to be replaced several times during the life, a steadily increasing loss of natural tooth substance is the consequence leading to more and more extensive and expensive fillings up to the point where the tooth cannot be restored anymore and must be removed.

"Do you want to keep your beautiful natural smile for life? Then avoid invasive dental care and focus on prevention and non-invasive care."

In contrast, non-invasive care, treating dental disease in its very early stages of development, does not cause destruction of dental tissue. It preserves the natural integrity, beauty and function of the teeth. By avoiding drilling, non-invasive treatments are not painful and do not require anesthesia.


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