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How to ensure the digital follow-up of your teeth thanks to digital monitoring?

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Prevention is the future of dentistry! But we are never safe from a traumatic accident with a dental fracture...

LovelySmile recommends taking a complete digital impression (without X-rays) of your teeth. Thanks to these 3D images, the morphology, position and shade of your teeth remain recorded and available to you if needed.

"Want to keep a 3D record of your teeth? Make sure you have the ability to reconstruct your smile at any time with digital monitoring."

The repetition of digital impressions over the years also allows the monitoring of your teeth and thus control the evolution of the wear of your teeth, the retraction of your gums, the position of your teeth or the modification of the shade.

This new approach to monitoring your teeth may seem futuristic to you, but it truly represents the dental medicine of tomorrow.


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