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How to save on dental care in Switzerland?

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

By focusing on non-invasive dental care on a regular basis, you will greatly reduce the risk of more extensive and therefore more expensive treatments.

To save money on dental care in Switzerland, it is essential to choose competent, professional dental experts who are attentive to the field of prevention.

It is essential to protect your teeth and to prevent all preventable oral diseases with adapted and individualized means.

By investing a little energy, time and a very reasonable amount of money, it is possible (and highly desirable!) to avoid all invasive and therefore expensive treatments.

"Want to avoid costly dentist bills in the future? Take advantage of LovelySmile's new concept based on prevention and non-invasive care."

This is the main concept of LovelySmile! Regular dental hygiene follow-up: scaling, polishing and specialized and personalized advice is the most economical dental care aimed at avoiding expensive treatments that you will no longer need! LovelySmile also offers other totally non-invasive preventive dental care (photoactivated disinfection, cavity detection without X-rays by light, prevention of bruxism...), also with the aim of avoiding invasive and expensive treatments later on!

Prevention has always been the best way to save money in the long run!

LovelySmile, a dental hygiene and prevention center, wants to give the entire population access to dental prevention and is currently offering an economical and high quality service for the health of your teeth.


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