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Is it possible to diagnose caries without X-ray?

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

A regular dental check-up is recommended at a specific time interval based on your individual situation and provides a complete diagnosis of your teeth.

This diagnosis is traditionally based on a visual clinical examination and on the realization of radiography of the "Bite Wing" type to highlight possible interdental caries not visible at the clinical examination.

"Don't want dental x-rays anymore? Take advantage of the latest generation of video camera caries screening now."

Technological developments now make it possible, in many indications, to eliminate these intraoral x-rays and to screen for cavities using light waves (not x-rays!). A state-of-the-art digital video camera illuminates the tooth and transmits the image to the computer screen, allowing dental structures and cavities to be visualized with impressive clarity. This technology allows the detection of caries at a much earlier stage than with standard X-ray technology. The only current limitation is teeth with large reconstructions that do not allow for light conduction.

LovelySmile has extensive expertise in this field thanks to the scientific knowledge of Professor Dr. Ivo Krejci who has been at the heart of the development of this technology.


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